The New York Mets signed infielder Patrick Causa as an undrafted free agent from Mount St. Mary's. Good luck Patrick. A well deserved opportunity to rise to the occasion again.

Patrick Causa Named Northeast Conference Player of the Year and American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA)/Rawlings Division I All-Region honors

Patrick Causa Named Northeast Conference Player of the Year and American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA)/Rawlings Division I All-Region honors


Owls Field at Ted Palka Park

Owls Field is widely regarded as one of the premiere amateur baseball facilities in Pennsylvania due to its dedication to details and playing surface.  The grass baselines were installed following the 2006 season creating a completely different look. 

The winter of 2015/16 saw the enclosing of the pavilion beyond the center field fence.  The Owls Nest, as it is now referred to as, houses our indoor workout facility which features multiple batting cages, indoor mounds as well as other related equipment. 

In the fall of 2016, the edges surrounding the infield, mound and plate were leveled and resodded which created a safer transition from grass to dirt and allowed for better drainage during inclement weather. 

The most original aspect of Owls Field continues to be its elevated terraces made for "lawn chair" viewing on both the first base and third base sides of the field. 

In addition to being home to the Owls American Legion team, it is also the home site for the Owls American Jr. Legion team and continues to host local High School, Collegiate Conference Championships, and NCAA National Regional events.

Bring your lawn chair and enjoy a ballgame on one our spectacular terraces.


Have you ever felt the tattered leather of a glove?

Or run your fingertips over the worn laces of a ball?

Have you ever stood in the outfield and smelled the fresh cut grass sticking beneath your spikes?

Felt the sun hit your face as it sets over the clubhouse for a 7:05 game?

Scent of the grill hits your nose as you walk up the long driveway . . .

Hear the gator turning the dirt with nails . . .

Stare up into the lights like they're eyes of God watching over this great game, this field, all of us?

This game that is so pure.

This game that is so timeless.

This game that is so ghostly.

This game that is so loved.

"Is this Heaven" The ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson asked in Field of Dreams.

Some here would say, "It's just West Lawn, PA"

Shoeless Joe said it best, "I could have sworn it was Heaven"

That's how I feel every time I leave this place.

Every time we walk up to the majestic field.

We cross a threshold.

Your troubles disappear, your stress silences, you are humbled.

This is right. This is perfect.

It's just us ... this field ... and baseball.

Nice to have a few angels watching over us too.

Thanks Ted and Felix

written by Paul Rosa IV